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Caregiver Connections: Family Peer Support

Caregiver Connections: Family Peer Support

Many parents and caregivers may be concerned about their child’s well-being or may have a difficult time coping with a mental health concern of a child or young adult. Parents and caregivers often wonder how best to parent and provide support. Families impacted by a mental health concern or diagnosis can find it particularly difficult to get the help they need.

CMHA in Alberta, in partnership with the Government of Alberta, Ministry of Children’s Services, has developed a peer-to-peer family support program. Caregiver Connections provides peer support for parents and caregivers of individuals with mental health concerns. We provide peer support services in six Alberta Regions, offering compassionate support along with specific information and resources.

With the support of trained peers with lived experience, parents and caregivers will learn how to best take care of themselves, ask for help when necessary and learn about the importance of boundaries. It is a safe place to gather together for shared stories, education, resources and support.


My name is Jennifer Erickson.

I am the Certified Family Peer Support facilitator of this program. 

I'm also a Mother, Wife, Dog-Mom, friend, nature-lover and more. 

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